Blow-Up: Inflatable Snowshoes Fit In Coat Pocket

Snowshoes are almost always rigid metal, plastic, or wood contraptions that don’t pack down small.

inflatable snowshoe 2

For anyone who would like to stow snowshoes in a pack or other small space, a new product called Small Foot is a viable option.

These aren’t the only stab at inflatable snow shoes, but they look well designed. Small Foot snowshoes were introduced last year and are now raising money for production on Kickstarter.

The company makes inflatable snowshoes that have crampons for traction and a heel lift for climbing, much like traditional snowshoes.

But these have the big difference of packing down small to fit in a backpack or even a pocket of a ski jacket, the company claims.

inflatable snowshoes

Tested over three years, the company video shows them surviving use over sharp branches, being run over by a truck, and even a German shepherd bite as the dog hangs from the inflated snowshoes.

Another use: They might be good for tromping across soft, swampy muck. We wish we had something like this while slogging across muskeg swamps during an expedition race in Patagonia.

Compatible with basically any shoe or boot, the company says the inflated contraption allows for natural movement over snow and ice. The Small Foot weighs about 20 ounces per foot and is available in size medium and large to fit feet form size U.S. 4-13.

The company is raising funds for mass production on Kickstarter now, where you can pick up a pair for about $200. If you are planning some winter adventures where packable snowshoes might come in handy, give them a look.

Sean McCoy

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