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Fully Stacked and Tougher Than Nails: Norrøna Tamok GORE-TEX Performance Shell Jacket Review

The Norrøna Women’s Tamok jacket has all the bells and whistles, challenges the nastiest of weather, and is constructed with the new ePE membrane that makes it more environmentally friendly.
Norrona Tamok GORE-TEX Performance shell jacket(Photo/Heather Balogh Rochfort)
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It was one of those sleeper pow days that no one saw coming. My husband and I planned to ski at Aspen Highlands since they reported the most snow, but the parking lot was full. Instead, we dejectedly headed to Snowmass, the only Aspen ski hill not reporting any wintry weather.

But turns out, the app got it wrong — it nuked all day. Once we got above treeline in the ski terrain off Big Burn, the fat flakes were coming at us sideways. Blowing wind froze the snow to my goggles, and my wispy hairs morphed into jagged icicles. It was the kind of weather that’s only fun if you’re wearing the proper gear — and I was stoked to be sporting the Norrøna Women’s Tamok ski jacket.

During our 3-hour storm ski, I slashed through thigh-deep powder and endured iced-over goggles. But never once did I question whether Mother Nature was going to break through the impenetrable fortress created by my Tamok jacket. It kept me warm, dry, safe, and equipped with everything I needed to actually enjoy a frigid morning skiing from chairlifts.

In short: The Norrøna Women’s Tamok GORE-TEX Performance Shell Jacket ($699) is a burly freeride ski piece that holds up to the worst of winter weather. It’s highly featured, so you’ll want for nothing, and it’s even constructed with the new ePE membrane to help remove toxic chemicals from our world. While it’s a bit heavier than I’d prefer while touring, the Tamok became my go-to ski jacket this season while carving turns at Aspen Snowmass Ski Resort.

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Norrøna Tamok GORE-TEX Performance Shell Jacket


  • Fit Relaxed
  • Insulation None
  • Shell 3-layer PFC-free ePE GORE-TEX
  • Waterproof rating (mm) 28K
  • Weight 666 g


  • Longer length adds tons of coverage on powder days
  • Tons of zippered pockets to stash snacks and hand warmers
  • Asymmetrical cuffs and wrist gaiters pair nicely with various types of ski gloves
  • Rugged construction and design


  • Very expensive
  • Longer length may not suit your style preference
woman holding included goggle wipe in front zippered chest pocket
Included goggle wipe in front zippered chest pocket of the Norrøna Tamok GORE-TEX Performance Shell Jacket; (photo/Heather Balogh Rochfort)

Norrøna Tamok GORE-TEX Performance Shell Jacket Review

My family lives in Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley, so we have ski passes at Aspen Snowmass Ski Resort. Once the chairlifts start turning, we spend as much time as we can exploring the four ski hills on planks. I received the Norrøna Tamok jacket near the end of the season but still managed to log more than 10 days of skiing while wearing it.

That’s because it’s easy to love with its sleek design and thoughtful features. Its sturdy construction made it a no-brainer on nasty weather days when I knew I needed full coverage and protection from the wildest of winter. We even saw a late-season blizzard that rolled in on Easter weekend when our friend group had an on-snow egg hunt planned for our kiddos. I barely noticed the chilly temperatures and sideways snow while barehanding plastic eggs.

But I suppose that’s no surprise considering Norrøna’s Norwegian heritage. With its location in the north and its deep roots in Nordic aesthetics, I found the Tamok to be the perfect mirror of the brand itself: aesthetically pleasing and absolutely bombproof.

pass pocket on left arm on norrøna tamok gore-tex performance shell jacket
Pass pocket on left arm of the Norrøna Tamok; (photo/Heather Balogh Rochfort)

Bulletproof and Eco-Friendly Materials

Norrøna doesn’t skimp on materials, and that is immediately clear with the Tamok. The jacket launched during the 2023-24 ski season using GORE-TEX’s relatively new expanded polyethylene (ePE) membrane. Unlike previous GORE-TEX iterations, this is the first one that doesn’t use any PFAS.

Also known as “forever chemicals,” per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of long-lasting chemicals that were once frequently used in a variety of products (like waterproof-breathable membranes) to resist oil, grease, and water. But their persistence also means they’re showing up everywhere — even in our blood — and some types have been deemed a carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

But the eco-friendly ePE material isn’t just safer for everyone — it performs well, too. It has a smaller carbon footprint and weighs less than previous iterations of GORE-TEX, making it feel less bulky while wearing it. Bonus: It’s also quieter, leaving behind that annoying crinkle sound you’d hear while walking around in your ski kit.

The Tamok is a 3-layer construction with a recycled nylon face fabric and a burly 200-denier GORE-TEX reinforcing on the shoulders and elbows where you need it. I skied with a backpack for 4-5 of my testing days, and there isn’t any visible pilling or scratches on it. Norrøna also uses a GORE-TEX C-Knit backer which makes the Tamok delightfully soft on the inside — and so incredibly easy to pull over baselayers.

articulated sleeve on norrøna tamok gore-tex performance shell jacket
Articulated sleeve on the Norrøna Tamok; (photo/Heather Balogh Rochfort)

Unbeatable Waterproofing

In the ski industry, a waterproofing rating of 10K or above is considered acceptable or standard. You’ll often see many premium and high-quality ski kits with ratings around 20K, which means they can easily shed the heavy snow and wet moisture found in places like the Pacific Northwest.

But the Tamok exceeds those ratings with a waterproof score of 28K — the highest rating in ski apparel. Colorado doesn’t receive the wet snow found in Oregon or Washington, but I spent many days in blizzarding weather and never once did the Tamok wet out or even come close.

Tamok Features for Days

Not only did Norrøna build this jacket with premium materials, but they added every feature a skier could want. My favorite was the asymmetrical cuffs combined with the stretchy wrist gaiters. Both are a decent length, so the thumb holes on the gaiters are actually useful even if you have longer arms. And, they easily slide beneath ski gloves, regardless of whether you use under-the-cuff or gauntlet.

Four zippered pockets on the front of the jacket — two on the chest and two massive cargo pockets on the lower half — make it super easy to stash snacks, car keys, or hand warmers. During one family ski day, I crammed an entire package of gummy bears in a cargo pocket and still had room for more treats. A fifth zippered pocket on the upper left arm is great positioning for a ski pass, especially if you ski at a resort with RFID scanners.

Both arms boast massive pit zips that extend halfway down the jacket. Not only do these zippers dump heat in a hurry, but the tabs are much easier to grab since they’re so generous in size. I often find myself fumbling to find the underarm zipper in other ski coats, but I never had those issues with the Tamok.

While many ski jackets have helmet-compatible hoods, I’d argue the Tamok’s hood is actually compatible and doesn’t turn the entire situation into an immobile neck brace. Not only could I pull it over my helmet, but I easily zipped the jacket and still had room to move my head and look around the periphery.

woman showing extra long pit zips on norrøna tamok gore-tex performance shell jacket
Extra long pit zips on the Norrøna Tamok; (photo/Heather Balogh Rochfort)

Unique Aesthetic

There is no other way to say it: the Tamok is slick. The longer hemline is very distinct in appearance and different from most other ski jackets. I’m 5’5”, and the asymmetrical longer back hem reaches about halfway down my thighs.

While skiing, this added length provided bombproof coverage, and I never needed to worry about blowing snow up my backside (even when skiing in snowpants rather than bibs). And it is definitely a conversation starter, as I had quite a few folks in lift lines ask me “how I liked that length.”

But, it does come with a caveat. Women with wider hips may need to consider their sizing. I waffle between a small and medium ski jacket, often opting for a medium so I can cram more layers beneath. I also have wide hips that grew even wider after childbirth. In a medium, I didn’t have any issues with fit, but a size small would’ve felt a bit snug around the hip region.

pass pocket on left arm on norrøna tamok gore-tex performance shell jacket
Pass pocket on left arm of the Norrøna Tamok; (photo/Heather Balogh Rochfort)

Room for Improvement

Norrøna makes no secret of it: its gear is expensive. At $699 for just the jacket, the Tamok is no exception.

But, I think the Tamok falls under a “buy once, cry once” mentality. It’s quite expensive for a ski jacket, but I also believe it’s arguably one of the most durable and weatherproof items in my gear closet. And, it doesn’t have an especially trendy color or style, so I know I can wear it for many years to come.

Additionally, products using GORE-TEX ePE tend to have a higher price point than those that don’t (especially as brands start dumping PFAS-laden apparel in preparation for the 2025 PFAS textile ban in California). While I don’t think skiers should run out and buy PFAS-free equipment just to quit using the bad stuff (that creates more waste issues), I do think paying extra for the textiles of the future is a worthy price of admission for a healthier planet.

Norrøna Tamok GORE-TEX Jacket Conclusion

If you’re a skier who hits the hill once or twice per season or during your annual, week-long spring break adventure, the expense of the Tamok jacket may not be worth it for you. While others cost even more, it hangs among the highest-priced women’s ski jackets in our gear closet.

But if you’re a woman who snags your season ski pass as soon as it goes on sale or logs double-digit ski days (or wants to), the Norrøna Women’s Tamok GORE-TEX Performance Shell Jacket is tough to beat. I loved the articulated sleeves and hem, softer and quieter hand feel, and variety of pockets. The spacious yet malleable hood was a huge highlight, which I could wear while carving downhill during squalls. Not all jackets have those detailed features.

With a sleek design, burly materials, tons of features, and an eco-friendly construction, there’s a lot to like — and the durability will keep you happy for years to come.

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