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Frost Fighter: Rabbit Defroster Speed Tights Review

From frosty fall mornings to cold winter runs, the women's Rabbit Defroster Speed Tights are stellar winter running tights that hug your legs and keep you warm.
Woman jogging in the snow wearing a red jacket and Rabbit Defroster Speed Tights(Photo/Conni Mahoney)
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Adjusting to winter running can be tricky. Swift movement in 30 degrees in November feels much colder than 30 degrees in March. Reminding your body that it can still function and do hard things when it’s cold can be challenging, even for those of us who live in super-cold climates — I’m one of them! But, properly made winter running tights like the Rabbit Defroster Speed Tights can help make that adjustment a little easier. 

This cozy fleece-lined number not only keeps your legs warm even when it starts snowing but also offers practicality with five usable pockets. I found those pouches to be great for storing snacks, keys, and a phone, which helped me stay organized during my runs. 

In short: The Rabbit Defroster Speed Tights ($135) are a pair of solid, technical fleece-lined winter running tights to support ladies on cold runs. While it looks basic, the face sheds water, and there are ample storage pockets to support longer runs. The drawstring helps keep things in place, and this fall, a classic black will be introduced to the lineup.

Read the full Women’s Winter Tights buyer’s guide to see how these tights stack up.

Rabbit Defroster Speed Tights


  • Number of pockets 5
  • Pant rise Mid-rise
  • Fleece lining Yes
  • Gusset Yes
  • Inseam 25.5″


  • Grippy drawstring that stays tied
  • Eco-friendly PFC-free water-resistant finish on face fabric
  • Reflective seams
  • Very soft


  • Shorter inseam
  • Fabric does lightly pill
Woman running in defroster speed tights
I’ve been testing the women’s Rabbit Defroster Speed Tight for two winter seasons; (photo/Conni Mahoney)

Rabbit Defroster Speed Tights Review 

I’ve been wearing the women’s Rabbit Defroster Speed Tight for two winter seasons, and it’s become one of my favorite run companions. That’s saying a lot, given the pile of winter running tights I’ve tested for GearJunkie over the last couple of winters.

For field tests, I’m based in one of the coldest places in the Lower 48: Gunnison Country. We have long, frigid 6-month winters. Summer didn’t start this year until June, and there’s still snow in the high country.

Fleece-lined and durable, it’s the first pair I reach for when the days turn cold. While the fabric has pilled a little, that’s to be expected after two arduous seasons. Overall, these tights were well-built and are going into their third season strong.

Warmth and CLO Rating 

With an incredibly soft interior and buttery exterior, these winter running tights have the perfect amount of compression, in my experience. They feel like a warm hug whenever I pull them over my legs.

This design has a relatively high Thermal Insulation of Clothes (CLO) rating of 0.23. CLO is used to measure warmth levels across different materials. For context, sweatpants sit at 0.28. With a rating that’s fairly close to sweatpants, that explains why they are so cozy!  

Close-up of defroster speed tights with snow falling on them
These winter running tights are surface-treated to prevent moisture absorption; (photo/Conni Mahoney)

Water-Resistant Finish

One detail that sets this women’s winter running tight apart is the PFC-free, water-resistant finish. I appreciate Rabbit incorporating a more environmentally friendly design practice. Although it’s certainly not cheap — as reflected in the price — I’m willing to support companies that are more environmentally conscious, even if it costs a little extra.  

While I never ran with these in a rain downpour, over the last two winters, I’ve run through countless snowstorms. In general, they do a great job of keeping moisture from seeping in. I did notice after a 3-hour run with consistent heavy snow that there was more flex in the fabric, and the moisture had soaked in. But for everyday runs, I’ve had zero issues. 

Rabbit Defroster Speed Tights Pockets
I really like the pockets on the women’s Rabbit Defroster Speed Tight; (photo/Conni Mahoney)


Honestly, I rarely use running tights if they don’t have pockets. I simply love having pockets available. But good pockets can be hard to come by, and the Defroster Speed Tights cracked the code.

This winter running tight has five pockets to pick from, including a left and right hip pocket (6″ x 4.25″). There’s a zippered pocket (7″ x 3″) on the backside. And there are two pockets (left and right) on the front waistline seam: A 3-inch envelope opening goes to each 3″ x 6″ pouch.

I like to put my phone in one of the side pockets and energy gels in the other. My keys or credit cards go in the zippered pocket. And any trash stuffs into the other pouches. Voilà! Places for all my things.

One thing to note is that the pockets are not sweatproof, and my phone screen usually had moisture buildup on it. 

Rabbit Defroster Speed Tights
A drawstring in the waistband helps secure these running tights; (photo/Conni Mahoney)

Mid-Rise Waistband

Not everyone likes a mid-rise waist, but it works best for my shorter torso. It sits right at my belly button. I have noticed that the tights tend to slide down after my warm-up. So, I cinch down the drawstring, which takes care of the issue. 

The drawstring is printed with the brand name, and the application is grippy, which helps prevent the drawstring from loosening up. It’s a really simple, neat design I haven’t seen elsewhere. I don’t have to consistently retie the drawstring on a run.

But be warned: The drawstring secures so efficiently that on one occasion, I struggled to untie it in a hurry when I had to step off the trail for a bathroom break. Needless to say, it was a close call. 

Ultimately, if you are in between sizes, the waist might sag a little after your warm-up, but the drawstring helps keep things in place. 

Close-up of Rabbit Defroster Speed tights falling just above the ankle
The seams are smooth and well-constructed on the Rabbit Defroster Speed Tights; (photo/Conni Mahoney)


Because my winter runs often overlap with dawn or dusk, I prefer to wear a tight that helps me be seen. I don’t depend on my tights’ reflection capabilities: It’s a bonus beyond other running lights. While the Rabbit Defroster Speed Tights claim to have reflective inseams, I haven’t noticed this to be accurate. I would love for the updated version to have enhanced reflectivity.

The inseam is 25.5″ and falls right above my ankles. I think it would be nice to have a little extra length for full ankle coverage. For runners who prefer long inseams, this might not be your best bet. That said, plenty of winter runners prefer to layer their choice winter running socks over their ankles for protection from the muck and temps.

Woman in rabbit defroster tights stretching her leg in a snow-covered landscap
The Rabbit Defroster Speed Tights are fleece-lined and cozy; (photo/Conni Mahoney)

In Conclusion 

After two years of testing, I found that the Rabbit Defroster Speed Tights stand out for their unique combination of warmth, practicality, and durability.

These tights are specifically designed to combat frosty conditions. They feature a fleece liner that provides a snug embrace for legs, ensuring comfort in harsh weather.

For convenience, there’s a well-thought-out array of pockets to secure essentials. That collection includes pouches placed at the hip, back, and waistband. A PFC-free, water-resistant finish adds an eco-friendly shield of protection against moisture, making them great for snowy conditions. While the mid-rise waist may slightly slide down, the Rabbit Defroster Speed Tights have a grippy drawstring to ensure a secure fit throughout even long runs.

More reflectivity could be incorporated to aid runners in low-light conditions. And the inseam could be longer to fully cover the medial and lateral malleoli. But I am happy to see that black is being added to the color scheme in fall 2024, expanding upon the current gray!

After stacking countless chilly miles, I found that the Rabbit Defroster Speed Tights offer exceptional performance and durability, justifying a higher price point. Whether navigating frosty trails or braving chilly roads, these women’s winter running tights provide reliable warmth and comfort, making them a worthwhile investment for winter runners seeking top-quality gear.

Constance Mahoney

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