10 best rock climbing shoes review

The 10 Best New Rock Climbing Shoes: Review

Need new climbing shoes? Months of testing 2017’s new rock climbing shoes from La Sportiva, Evolv, Butora, Five Ten, and Tenaya went into this review.

10 best rock climbing shoes review

Overhangs, smooth faces, cracks, and roofs: Every style of climbing requires its own style of shoe. We tested the latest and greatest from major brands for this review.

Where to begin your shoe search? Think about what kind of routes you will be climbing and plan accordingly. Smooth vertical walls with thin footholds do well with a neutral shape and stiff, hard sole. Downturned shoes perform unbelievably better on overhanging climbs. Comfy leather lace-ups are the go-to for crack climbs.

Here, we break down each shoe into its niche. There isn’t one perfect shoe for all climbs, but there may be a perfect shoe for you.

Terms Used:

  • Overhang refers to a route that ascends at an angle past 90 degrees. Caves qualify as overhanging.
  • Face climbing is done on near-blank vertical walls with small footholds, pockets, and in-cut ledges for purchase.
  • Slab climbing is the opposite of overhanging, where the wall leans less than 90 degrees.
  • Crack climbing is done within fissures that measure from a finger’s width, to an entire fist, to the entire body.

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High-Performance Comfortable Shape – Five Ten Anasazi Blanco

2017 Rock Climbing Shoes Review fiveten 5.10 anasazi blanco

Great For Overhangs And Slab – Evolv Supra

2017 Rock Climbing Shoes Evolv Supra

Affordable and Formidable Beginner Climbing Shoe – Tenaya Tanta

2017 Rock Climbing Shoes Tenaya Tanta

Comfortable Aggressive Slipper – Evolv Agro

2017 Rock Climbing Shoes Review Evolv Agro

Environmentally Mindful Recycled Shoe – La Sportiva Mythos Eco

2017 Rock Climbing Shoes La Sportiva Mythos Eco

La Sportiva Miura XX

2017 Rock Climbing Shoes La Sportiva Miura XX

Down Turned And Great For Toe Hooks – Butora Acro

2017 Rock Climbing Shoes Butora Acro

Coming Soon – Scarpa Chimera

2017 Rock Climbing Shoes Review Scarpa Chimera

Long Climbing Comfort – Five Ten Gambit

2017 Rock Climbing Shoes Review fiveten 5.10 Gambit

Aggressive Shoe For Wide Or Narrow Feet – Butora Narsha

2017 Rock Climbing Shoes Butora Narsha

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