‘Avalanche Sharks’ Is the Best/Worst Skiing Movie Ever

It’s Flashback Friday! Which means it’s time to revisit the greatest winter-themed, shark-chomping horror movie ever made: ‘Avalanche Sharks.’

How many years does it take for a campy horror film to become a classic? We have no idea, but “Avalanche Sharks” gets our vote for the trailer alone.

This 2015 horror movie takes the absurdly popular “Sharknado” formula (which made sharks into jaw-snapping flying projectiles) and simply puts them in the snowy landscape of a ski resort during a beauty pageant.

It’s like a sharky, snowy “Tremors,” except without the Kevin Bacon star power. If you’ve got plans for a winter ski trip, this is our choice for movie night. (As long as you’ve got hot chocolate and low expectations.)

Stream it on Google Play, Amazon, or iTunes, or for extra weirdness, just watch the entire thing for free on YouTube (dubbed in Hindi).

“Snow bunnies better watch out!”

Runtime: 1.5 minutes

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