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‘Shackets’, Wingsuit Ban, New Patagonian Trail: GearJunkie Week In Review

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A recap of top stories for the week of Oct. 9 – 15, 2016.


1) Ultrarunning Is About To Get Really, Really Fast

For years, ultrarunning was a sport of slow and steady. But a new generation of runners is crushing old records at blazing fast paces. Welcome to the new reality of high speed ultras.

2) How’d He Do That?! Danny MacAskill Just Melted Our Brain

File this under incredible. Danny MacAskill turns the rustic Scottish countryside into a mind-bending, bike-flipping playground. We’ve never seen anything like it.

3) ‘Shacket’ Season Is Upon Us

Call it a shacket, a truck flannel, or just a quilted flannel, it’s perfect for fall and cool summer nights too.

shacket 2

4) Nemo Tensor Sleeping Pad: Non-Stretch Baffles Mean Comfort

Non-stretch baffles, smaller pack weight, and more loft? The NEMO Tensor sleeping pad we tested had some surprising features.

5) Paul’s Boots: A Moving Tribute To One Hiker’s Dream

A hiker with a dream, Paul lived with his wife M’Lynn in Australia. He longed to hike the Appalachian Trail, but died in July, 2015. M’Lynn sent his boots to hikers so they could be worn on the trail. This is their story.

6) At 1,300 Miles, Remote ‘GPT’ Is Longest Trail In South America

A little-known trail follows a spectacular route through the heart of Patagonia and beyond. As of now, there is no guidebook – yet.

Cordon Caulle after a recent erruption
Cordon Caulle after a recent erruption

7) Secret ‘Getaway’ Houses For Spontaneous Outings

Rent one of these mobile tiny homes near New York or Boston, but don’t fret about planning. You won’t know where your rental is parked until you’re about to depart, adding mystery to the adventure.

8) Better Truck Bed: Swagman Patrol Bike Rack

The newest bed-mounted bike rack from Swagman, the Patrol has some of the best (and simplest) features to date.

9) Book Review: ‘Let My People Go Surfing’ (2016)

The revised seminal book, ‘Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman,’ is an inside look at the outdoor business and Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard’s peculiar, inventive mind.


10) Chamonix Bans Wingsuits In Sport’s Deadliest Year

BASE jumping’s deadliest year just witnessed another fatality. Now the sport faces prohibition in one of its most popular venues.

11) Unexpected Gear Of Mountain Pro Andrew Skurka

From Frito-laced chili homemade kits, this is some of the unexpected gear that lightens renowned explorer Andrew Skurka’s pack and keeps him safe and comfortable while knocking out huge miles.

12) Drill it! Ice Climbers Have New Screw Tool

Sport climbers have long used cordless drills to place bolts in rock. Now, ice climbers can harness the same concept with Fast Ice, a screw-placing power tool.

13) Outdoorsman, Marksman, And Texas State Photographer

Meet Wyman Meinzer, a hunter, trapper, marksman, and official photographer of the Lone Star State.


14) Wingjump: Achieve Maximum Send!

This wing won’t let you fly, but it sure will help you stand out on the ski hill.

15) Review: Danner Mountain 600 Boots Modernize A Classic

Danner plugged new Vibram tech into an old school design with the new Mountain 600 hiking boot. We put them to the test to see if they feel as good as they look.

16) Thermal Helix Wetsuit Is Cold Water Armor

Blueseventy gave its flagship wetsuit a thermal upgrade for serious swimmers who face many cold-water days. We dove into some chilly lakes to see how it stacks up.

17) Oakley Radar Pace Sunglasses ‘Coach’ Wearer

Hear a virtual coach bark encouragement, offer training tips, and give your vital stats, all through a pair of sunglasses.


18) Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

Egg-shaped drone to Patagonia apparel kit: Our weekly peek at emerging products examines the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

19) ‘In The Hollow’: Chilling Tale Of Murder On The AT

The Mountain Man killer stalked two women along the Appalachian Trail in 1988. This is the harrowing story of one’s murder on the A.T. and the one who made it out alive.

20) Great White Breaches Cage With Diver Inside

Watch as a great white accidentally breaks through a diver’s safety cage – with a diver still inside!


21) Klymit Two-Person Pad: Camp, Snuggle (And Bounce)

In theory, a two-person sleeping pad is a soft spot to snuggle up with your hiking lover. We used the Klymit Double V to put this theory to the test.

22) M.A.X. Pass: 38 Mountains, One Lift Ticket

Sixteen more mountains have been added to this year’s M.A.X. Pass, an affordable option for those who want to ski a lot of days and hit the road, too.

23) Like Pain? Try A New ‘Survival Run’

An all new ‘Survival Race’ is coming to North America for the first time, and it sounds crazy!


24) Headlamps: Why Rechargeable Rules

The common headlamp is going rechargeable, and throw-away batteries are becoming a thing of the past. Are you ready to make the switch?

25) GearDrop: Find A Medallion, Win Victorinox Swiss Army Gear

We will give away more than $12,000 worth of prizes from Victorinox Swiss Army on Friday. Are you ready to claim yours?

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