Skateboard Legend Grayson Fletcher Surfs Pools, Streets, Waves

San Clemente, California, is the perfect home for passionate skateboarder and surfer Grayson Fletcher. There, he accesses the world of skate, the world of surf, and everything in between.

Grayson Fletcher hails from a long line of surfers and longboarders. Still, he’s putting his own spin on his legacy as he dives deeper into a skateboarding career.

This short 5-minute film, fueled by Firestone Walker’s 805 beer (or as Fletcher calls it, a “warmup in a can”), tells his story.

Fletcher’s calling card? Unpredictable, unstructured, and unmatched pool skating. Watch the film and you’ll see what we mean.

And if this skateboarder had to leave one legacy behind, it’d be uniting hardcore surfers and diehard skateboarders together — preferably at a surf or skate park, over a beer.

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