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Tiny Tents, Mid-Air Camping, Night Vision Device: GearJunkie Week In Review

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A recap of top stories for the week of July 10 – 16, 2016.

WIR 07'16

1) Video: ‘Packing It Out’ Cleans the Pacific Crest Trail

This summer, two young Pacific Crest Trail thru-hikers are picking up trash as they go, up to 1,000 pounds of cleared litter the goal during the multi-month trip.

2) First Look: YETI ‘Hopper Flip’ Soft Cooler Review

YETI gets square and moves ahead in the soft-cooler category with its Hopper Flip 12, a zip-shut cube that’s leak-proof and can purportedly keep ice for days. We give it a first review.

3) Pokemon Go: Best (Or Worst) Outdoor App This Year?

Is the ‘augmented reality’ craze and the Pokemon Go app the best or worst thing to happen to the outdoors as of late?

charmander the wave

4) Google ‘Sheep-View’… Faroe Islands’ Mapping Secret

‘Sheep View 360’ is interactive; you can swivel the camera in any direction by clicking and dragging on the screen, following along as five sheep traverse the countryside.

5) Wish You Were Here? Watch ‘Grand Teton’ In 8K

Your current vista likely isn’t as spectacular as those found around the Tetons. Take a moment to dream of a starry sky and expansive views with this extraordinary time-lapse.

6) Packing It Out: Thru-Hiking Food And Logistics

The ‘Packing It Out’ crew offers some tips on how to eat right while logging big miles during a thru-hike.

7) Mid-Air Camping: Tentsile Flite ‘Hanging Tent’ Review

Not quite a tent, not quite a hammock… we review the Tentsile Flite Hanging Tent.


8) Cook Hot Dogs With The Sun

No fire? No problem – Sun Dogger cooks hot dogs, egg rolls, sausages, and more using only sunlight.

9) ‘Tiny Tents’ Stake Micro Market For Outdoor Enthusiasts

G.I. Joe and puppy dogs rejoice! Authentic Tiny Tents mean your micro friends can camp along with you… poles, fly, and waterproof floor included.

10) Endangered Acres: Wilderness Society’s New Call To Defend Public Lands

In June, The Wilderness Society launched an initiative to preserve federal protections on public land. In this post, Army Ranger vet Gavin Woody shares his story of finding peace through America’s federally protected lands.

11) No Bike, No Problem: Tour Leader Runs Toward Finish

Chaos at Tour de France results in bizarre foot race to the finish.

12) First Look: Katadyn BeFree Water Filter

The Katadyn BeFree is a soft water bottle with a wide mouth and filter built in. We took it hiking for this review.

katadyn befree water filter review

13) 4×4 Squared: Beastly Mercedes G550 Coming To U.S.

What is 4×4-squared? It’s not a math problem, it’s the upcoming 2017 super-SUV from Mercedes.

14) CHARGE! Knockerball With Live Bulls

Pokemon Go has nothing on ‘bull knockerball’ at the rodeo. Maybe Pamplona will take notice?

15) Trickle-Down Tech: Bikes We Recommend under $2,000

High-performance bikes leaving you with sticker shock? Check out these sweet rides under $2,000.

16) Adventure Bike Reborn: Specialized Sequoia 2016

The new Specialized Sequoia is a rough-stuff touring bike with all the necessary eyelets, mounts, and lashing points a modern-day bicycle boy scout could want.


17) Sleep Tight: Cotopaxi Sueño Sleeping Bag Review

The Cotopaxi Sueño sleeping bag is a go-to versatile cold weather bag with a few creature comforts built in,

18) 10 Questions You’ve Wanted To Ask Tiny House Owners

Toilets, bike storage, personal space, neighbors – all the questions you’ve wanted to ask tiny home owners. We got ’em.

19) First Look: CamelBak 2017 Bottles, Hydration Lineup

New options in hydration? We got a scoop from CamelBak, which refines its reservoir for 2017 and launches a ‘flask’ bottle line along the way.

20) Tractors Make Moving ‘Bike Tapestry’ At Tour de France

A Tour de France tradition: the moving piece of bike-themed tractor art – so cool.

tour de france tractor bike

21) 42 Peaks, 24 Hours: UK’s Famous Ultra Run

A 66-mile race with 27,000 feet of gain and terrain that is rocky, muddy, wet, windy, and generally awful. Did we mention you only have 24 hours?

22) Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

Unbreakable speakers to bicycle dashboards… here is our weekly look at emerging products from the world of outdoor gear design.

23) Night Vision: FLIR Monocular For The Outdoors

A monocular with thermal recognition enables adventurers to see a whole new side of the wild.

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