Virtual Climbing, IKEA Bike, Neo-Slingshots: GearJunkie Week In Review

A recap of top stories for the past week, April 10 – 16, 2016.


1) REI ‘House Brand’ Reboots As Premium Gear

This spring, retail juggernaut REI says it will lead the industry in quality.

2) Last Voyageurs’ Chronicles Chilling Trek Down Old Blue

In 1976, a group of school teachers and students set out to retrace the route of explorer Robert de La Salle down the Mississippi River.

3) 80 Badass Women Shred Silverton Mountain

When Sisters’ Meeting in the Mountains connected an unprecedented number of female backcountry shredders for a weekend on Colorado’s toughest resort, it was more than just a ski holiday.

Photo by Meaghan Lynch
Photo by Meaghan Lynch

4) Recall: Black Diamond Ascenders, Lanyards, Cams

Black Diamond issued its second safety recall of the year: Ascenders, lanyards, and cams are included.

5) Fake Or Real? Bear Chases Snowboarder

Video Raises Doubts Seeing is believing? This video of a bear chasing a snowboarder is wild, but many skeptics are calling it a fake.

6) Falcon Vs Drone: Aerial Training In Dubai

Somewhere on the outskirts of the man-made wonders of Dubai, high above the rolling dunes, falcons are chasing drones through the sky.


7) New Ninja Suit Is A ‘Woolverino’ Onesie

Like a onesie for adults, this Ninja Suit base layer from Airblaster is stealthy enough to wear almost anywhere.

8) Spinner Shark Sends SUPer Sailing

The locals aren’t at all pleased with all the SUPers crowding their waves!

9) Secure Your Gear: Cable Lock Has Alarm, Remote Text Alerts

The goLock is a security cable that texts you and shrieks if your gear is being swiped.

10) Not A Toy: The Old Slingshot Gets A New Look

The pocket-friendly design of the Pocket Shot makes breaking stuff easier than ever.

pocket shot explode

11) On The Brink: Working To Save Endangered Caribou

The last caribou that inhabit the lower 48 states now number fewer than 20. A fundraiser is trying to help stabilize their population.

12) Flyboard Just Upped The ‘Hoverboard’ Ante

With a claimed top speed of 93.2 miles per hour, piloting the Flyboard Air looks like an intense experience.

13) ‘Sherpa’ Finds Beauty In Wake Of Everest Tragedy

A stunning documentary of the deadliest day on Everest succeeds with heart as much as action.

sherpa feature

14) Meet The New Award-Winning Bike From…Ikea?

Come August, you’ll find this belt-driven, trailer-hauling bike nestled amongst bedroom sets and coffee tables in the Swedish big-box.

15) Kershaw Tilt: Avant-Garde Cutlery

The Kershaw Tilt explored the outer limits of knife design, pushing the envelop of cutlery.

16) Crash Plan: Extra Protection Worth Cost On Lazer Z1 MIPS?

A high-end helmet upgrades its safety quotient via a special MIPS liner. Is the add-on worth the upcharge in the event of a crash?

17) Free National Park Admission, April 16 – 24

Don’t miss out! National Parks will offer 16 days of free admission during 2016.


18) Mountain Top To Coffee Shop: Topo Designs Rover Pack

This burly, made in Colorado backpack will stand up to abuse while lugging your computer and daily gear.

19) Fully Custom Skis Are A Work Of Art

What does it take to make some of the world’s most exclusive, custom-built skis? This video reveals the man behind Igneous Skis.

20) Smile! Eagle Cam Is Back And Fluffier Than Ever

You asked for it, so the Minnesota DNR is doing it. Eagle Cam 4.0 is here!

21) Poll: Americans Prefer Cheap Vs. Made In USA

But a large minority are also willing to pony up for premium goods. What side are you on?

American Flag Tent

22) Couch Surf For Marathons: Runners’ Travel Made Easy

The Sister Marathon Initiative gives runners a new way to connect for travel and fellowship at races around the world.

23) Carbon Footprint: Reynolds’ Bike Wheel Factory Tour

Take an inside tour at Reynolds Cycling, where carbon wheels are made in molds and finished by hand.

24) No Shame! ‘Trail Buddy’ A Hip Addition For Your Fanny

Call it what you will, the fanny pack is back! The ‘Trail Buddy’ is a minimalist hip bag that’s stout and sleek.

25) Bikes Handcrafted: Interview With Speedvagen’s Sacha White

‘What we are doing is analogous to a tailor or a surfboard shaper.’ – Sacha White, company founder.


26) Discovering Beautiful Backcountry In… Los Angeles?

Even L.A. has some hidden surprises if you’re adventurous enough to look.

27) Art Fairs, Fishing, And Freedom

A young artist sets out to live in the back of his truck, painting scenes inspired by fishing the American West.

28) Virtual Insanity: Climbing Goes Extreme In VR

Virtual reality gets extreme in The Climb. Check out the trailer and interactive videos.

29) KEEN ‘Live Monumental’ Film Touring U.S.

The film documents KEEN’s cross-country road trip advocating for the protection of 3 million acres of public lands, with an Earth Day premiere in San Francisco at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival. Watch the trailer now.

30) With Storm On Way, I-70 Closed Friday Night In CO

If you’re planning to join the masses headed to the mountains for a predicted storm in Colorado from the front range this weekend, plan to take your time.