‘Dreamtime’ Deals Go Live: DPS Launches Special Edition Ski Sale

Salt Lake City’s DPS announces its annual Dreamtime event. This year, it offers a never-to-be-reproduced small batch of tech-loaded skis.

In the blazing heat of summer 2021, do you dream of fresh pow? Do you get lost in ideation of buttery turns and cold smoke, evaluating what to add to your winter quiver? DPS Skis’ just-in Dreamtime sale would be a good place to build not only stoke but also a capable and specialized kit.

The 17-day online and in-store event starts today, July 26, and runs through August 11, marking a midsummer chance for skiers to start dreaming about winter fun to come. In this year’s iteration, DPS will release limited runs of various covetable new skis, two new binding models, two glove styles, and an update of its far-out Pagoda construction.

In the lineup, the Special Edition Pagoda Tour is the undisputed centerpiece. The brand’s Pagoda design is mouth-wateringly curated and, after August 11, DPS will never produce the four Special Edition entries again.

Here’s a look at everything included with DPS’s Dreamtime event.

dps factory
(Photo/Nate Simmons, DPS)

Worshipping at the Pagoda: Small-Batch Skis With New Construction

The Pagoda system hits you in the brain stem with a panoply of rich words and textures. DPS has dumped bucketloads of R&D into it over the years, and it shows.

The tech blends a proprietary carbon laminate with a mixture of ash and paulownia wood layers. This blend with the purpose-built aerospace grade foam produces the skis’ “distinct combination” of power, energy, and dampness.

dps pagoda special edition
(Photo/Nate Simmons, DPS)

DPS engineered the new construction for performance whether you’re on- or off-piste. The unique combination of both a vertically and horizontally layered core quiets inconsistencies and, the brand says, adds to the ski’s energetic feel. Ooh la la.

The Special Edition Pagoda Tour (MSRP $1,300) line comes in an array of four gradient designs. It’s only available during Dreamtime (DPS’s only sale of the year, mind you) at a $200 discount. Its 100 RP and 112 RP shapes come in a variety of lengths.

dps pagoda special edition tour skis will launch during dreamtime event
(Photo/Nate Simmons, DPS)

The broader Pagoda ski line (MSRP $1,300) will be available throughout the 2021-22 season. It’s also discounted by $200 for Dreamtime and available in four different models and lengths: 100 RP, 106 C2, 112 RP, and Lotus 124.

pagoda skis
(Photo/Nick Simmons, DPS)

Additional Dreamtime Deals

DPS also introduced two tech binding models, the DPS R10 (MSRP $600) and DPS R14 (MSRP $750). These touring bindings are the result of a co-branded partnership with Italian manufacturer ATK Bindings.

The DPS R10 is a lightweight performance binding for speed touring, while the DPS R14 is built for freeride touring, providing a neutral stance and natural ski balance.

dps will launch pagoda bindings during dreamtime
(Photo/Nate Simmons, DPS)

Additional Dreamtime 2021 items include:

DPS reduces the price tag on all its accessories — including apparel, gear, and PHANTOM waxless glide — by 15% during its Dreamtime event, the only off-price window of the year.

The collections will be available online at DPS and at select online and brick-and-mortar retail partners. For information on retail partners, visit the brand’s dealer locator page.

dps foundation line will be discounted during Dreamtime event
(Photo/Nick Simmons, DPS)
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