Rx Shades: Costa Del Mar

With the solstice past, it’s summertime now officially! And with it, we’re wearing sunglasses most days, even in Minnesota where GearJunkie is based. This review…

Voyage of the Pangaea!

Gear Junkie took three days off to sail with world-famous explorer Mike Horn, stowing away for a ride on the Pangaea sailboat for a few…

Test: SeasonFive Water Line

Staking claim between a rash-guard and a wetsuit, SeasonFive has a unique offering with its new line. Our writer tested the apparel on a recent…

SPOT on a Keychain

The latest product from SPOT LLC, an “asset protection” package made for the boating market, has GPS-enabling controls that fit on a key fob.

Kayak Dry Suit Test

In cold water, a dry suit can be an essential, life-preserving piece of equipment. Gear Junkie tested a Kokatat dry suit this year kayaking in…

Mad River Malecite Canoe

Mad River built its first Malecite canoe in 1971. For 2011, the classic canoe design gets an update and a new hull.

Star Trek Wetsuit

“Beam me up, Scotty!” To the surf break, that is.

ZOIK Inflatable Kayak

On calm water and through rapids, Gear Junkie tests the inflatable kayak/raft hybrid that is the ZOIK AlterEgo.

Jackson Kayak All Star

Ryan Stuart, the gear editor at Canada’s Explore magazine, tests the All Star whitewater kayak for Gear Junkie.

Sports Helmet Holy Grail?

A long-awaited idea, the Scarab is a multisport helmet certified as safe for a half-dozen sports, rock climbing, cycling, kayaking, and equestrian activities included.

Winter Kayak Gear Test

It’s January 17, white and cold in Minneapolis. But I’ve got a race to prepare for. Here are a couple shots from my icy training…

SRS Hammer Paddle

Writer Jason Magness put the Simon River Sports Hammer paddle to the test on multiple expeditions this past year. Here is his verdict.

Kayak Training Machine

Paddle all winter long. The Ergometer is an exercise machine that mimics the kayaking experience. I am using it to train for a race in…

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