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Ultimate Camper, Mini Bike Pump, Drone Recall: GearJunkie Week In Review

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A recap of top stories for the week of Nov. 6 – 12, 2016.


1) Unable To Hike, Woman Carried 79 Miles On AT

Carden Wyckoff just traversed a 79-mile stretch of the Appalachian Trail with her siblings even though she cannot hike.

2) Kwaiken: EDC Gem From German Giant

This unique blade puts the German giant Boker on the North American map.

3) Teaser: Planet Earth 2 Could Be The Best Nature Documentary Yet

It took 10 years for BBC to make the followup to the landmark Planet Earth series. Now, David Attenborough’s sequel looks better than ever.

Snow Leopard - Uley, Ladakh, India
Snow Leopard – Uley, Ladakh, India

4) Gear Checklist: Backpacking In A Big Game Hunt

Heading out on a backcountry hunt? Get some planning insights from Andrew Skurka’s Gear Checklist.

5) Lezyne Pressure Drive: The Best Little Bike Pump We’ve Tested

Hand-pumps are essential for cyclists. But which is the best? We’ve found a favorite with the Lezyne Pressure Drive.

6) ‘Ultimate Overland Camper’ Is A Full-Custom Jaw-Dropper

It’s big, rugged, and way too expensive. But this camper mod is also oh so beautiful.

7) GearJunkie Nationwide Tour: ‘Live Your Local Adventure’

GearJunkie is going on tour! To prove adventure lies local, join us in one of our 6 city stops for one-of-a-kind adventures.


8) Colorado DOT Will Pay $500K For Ideas To Protect Cyclists

Know how to make roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians? You could win big bucks and save lives in this new competition.

9) The Joy Of An Adult-Size ‘Drifting’ Tricycle

Appease your inner child! We sent editors out on the open road with a ‘Drift’ trike and some Go Pros and awakened youthful delight.

10) The Best Independent Gear Shops In The USA

Try one of these local, independent outfitters for an alternative to the big guys.


11) GoPro Recalls Karma Drone

The POV camera juggernaut has recalled its brand-new drone just weeks after it hit the market.

12) Lynsey Dyer Shows Off Her ‘Backcountry Crib’

In real estate, it’s all about location, location, location.

13) Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

Our weekly peek at emerging products examines the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

14) Pocket Dump: Leatherman Inventor Shows All

What does the inventor of the multi-tool carry every day? We spoke with him to find out.

15) Election 2016: Outdoors Industry Vows Environmental Advocacy

Outdoor enthusiasts and environmental groups are sounding the alarm that the incoming administration could have a massive impact on our wild spaces.

Illustration by Jeremy Collins
Illustration by Jeremy Collins

16) Oh Winter, Where Art Thou?

Skiers face the lowest November snowpack in more than a decade. Unseasonably warm temps and little to no precipitation has forced some North American ski resorts to delay opening.

17) Ornot: Classy Bike Kit Made In America

Bike apparel for those who’d rather not be plastered with logos. We put the USA-made Ornot cycling brand to the test.

18) Rallies & Rendezvous: Great Intros For New Overlanders

Curious about overland adventure travel? Getting started might be easier than you think.

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