Packrafting, Metallic Tent, Beer Mile Guide: GearJunkie Week In Review

A recap of top stories on GearJunkie, week of August 7 – 14, 2015.

week in review

1) ‘MERU’ Film – Our Review
Both epic and succinct, with spectacular scenery and relatable thoughts on risk, Meru will appeal to both hard-core climbers and flat-landers alike.
2) Finnish ‘Leveraxe’ Looks To Go Mainstream In U.S. The axe that took the internet by storm last year has now hit Kickstarter.
3) Multifunctional Chill: ‘Nipi’ Charges Gadgets, Keeps Drinks ColdKeep your drink cool, charge your phone, and light up a picnic table at night… the Nipi Cooler does all this and more.
4) Bushwhacking Encouraged: Denali Strives To Eliminate TrailsThe park is discouraging the sharing of GPS waypoints in an effort to limit human impacts on the terrain.
5) Goose Follows Truck To Lake. The goose seems intent on following this man to a lake as he drives a truck. We’re not quite sure why, but it’s cute.
6) Vote To Fund: REI To Spend $500,000 On 10 Trails. Each vote gives a trail $5, up to $75,000 maximum per trail. You can vote now.
7) Book Review: ‘Snowblind,’ Stories Of Alpine Obsession. This book explores mountaineering and the power it holds over the people who pursue it.
8) ‘Coffee Cowboy’ Examines Rock Stacking. GearJunkie comic “Coffee Cowboy” looks at the controversy around cairns.
9) 10 Reasons: Drop Everything For An Alaskan AdventureGrand in size, rich with inspiring people, brimming with breath-catching scenery, this is a place for adventure. Don’t wait. Alaska is calling.
10) ‘MyKey’ Multi-Tool Blends In On Keychain. This innocuous multi-tool blends right in on your keychain.
11) Red Bull Vision: Sports Drink Maker Sells Sunglasses. The sports drink juggernaut announced the U.S. launch of a complete line of sunglasses at the Outdoor Retailer convention.
12) ‘Johnny Appleseed Of Bikes’ Spreads Joy Of Cycling. Slap a sticker on your helmet and be rewarded with discounts at nearly 1,400 businesses around the country.
13) Shiny ‘Metal’ Fabric Tent Reflects Heat. The Siesta 4 tent is made of a waterproof, lightweight, ultra-reflective fly fabric to block the sun.
14) Bikepacking: Gear Test For 440 Backroad Miles. A breakdown of new and long-trusted cycling gear on a recent 440-mile bikepacking trip.
15) Beer Really Is The Breakfast Of ChampionsAn iconic cereal brand is breaking into the beer market with a limited edition brew.
16) Trail Running & Bows: ‘Archer’s Paradox’ Is New Kind Of Race. Racers carry bows through a race, shooting at five stations to avoid time penalties for poor accuracy.
17) ‘Technical’ Fanny Pack: Osprey Carries Water, Small Essentials. The purpose-built Osprey Rev fanny pack carries water and essentials for trail runners carrying minimal supplies.
18) ‘Best In Show’ At OR Show – Top Gear For 2016 (part II). Some of the most innovative and best products coming to market for 2016. Part 2 of our Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2015 “Best In Show” awards.
19) Unofficial Guide To The ‘Beer Mile’. Drink a beer, run a lap, drink a beer, times four. Two ‘beer mile’ world records were set last week. This is how to make your own attempt at running’s rowdy new sideshow.
20) Adventure Race In The City… Recap Of ‘TC Urban Dash’. GearJunkie and Twin Cities In Motion hosted the unique in-the-city adventure race last weekend, the TC Urban Dash, in Minneapolis.
21) Bear Vs. Electrified Deer Carcass. When researchers electrify a deer carcass to see how bears react, the bruin shows a lot more smarts than you might expect.
22) Video: Gear Junkie ‘Best In Show’ Awards. Gear Junkie’s ‘Best In Show’ Awards at Outdoor Retailer highlight the top innovations from the trade show floor.
23) ‘Little Big Knife’ – Meet The Stout Spyderco Techno. The Techno is a perfect rendition of the “little big knife” design philosophy.
24) ‘All-Road’ Bike Has Lefty Suspension Fork. Suspension on a road bike? Cannondale is sucking up bumps in the gravel market by adding a “Lefty” fork and 650b wheels to a road bike frame.
25) ‘Best In Show’ At Outdoor Retailer – Top Gear For 2016. Some of the best and most innovative products coming to market in 2016 and beyond.
26) How To Packraft (And Not Die). Is the new sport an awesome adventure or an expensive way to get into trouble on the river?
27) Delta Airlines: Flights Ban Big Game Trophies. Delta, the only United States airline that offers direct flights to South Africa, today announced that it has banned bringing animal trophies on flights.
28) Clamp On: Multi-Tool AxeA clamp system lets you mount the head onto any found stick, requiring a hiker to only bring along the head.