Brainwave Device for iPhone

Mind control! The XWave device can sense brainwave signals on the surface of your forehead and control an iPhone.

Review: Canon Rebel T2i

This digital SLR includes HD-video capability and 3.7 frames-per-second capture. Gear Junkie tests the camera for outdoors use.

Wicked Little Buds

These “edgy” earbuds have blue metal stubs, a fiber-like cord, and rubbery tips. Gear Junkie goes trail running with ’em for a test.

OtterBox iPad Case

Apple iPad in the outdoors? OtterBox offers two protective cases for iPad owners on the go.

Future Gear: 2011

‘Foot-pod’ shoes. A crank-arm water purifier. A Bear Grylls knife. These are a few of the products to be seen at the Outdoor Retailer trade…

Tech Watch Review

In a chronological showdown, it’s digital versus analog in a test to see which watch is better suited for the job outdoors.

Review: Flashlights

Gear Junkie gets to a roundup review of three new flashlight models, from a pen light to an LED torch so bright it can literally…

DeLorme/SPOT test

At the Teva Mountain Games this weekend, I tested the SPOT/DeLorme lovechild that is the “DeLorme Earthmate PN-60w with SPOT Satellite Communicator.”

Eton Scorpion

Charge your electronic devices in the backcountry with the Eton Scorpion, a “Multi-Purpose Solar Powered Digital Weather Radio.”

SteriPEN AdventurerOpti

Purify your water with UV light. The AdventurerOpti zaps viruses, bacteria and other microscopic bad boys to make questionable drinking water clean.

Review: Zune 120

The underdog of the mp3 player market, Microsoft’s Zune, is a good choice for iPod-averse music fans. A music subscription service makes it a fair…

Zune Pass Music Service

The Zune Pass offers access to a huge catalog of music and is only $14.99 a month. It’s a great option for folks not married…

Geocaching GPS

Meet Magellan’s geocaching GPS, a unit pre-loaded with coordinates for “the most popular geocaches in the world.”

Review: Canon G11

T.C. Worley, a professional photographer, gives an in-depth review of the Canon G11, a “point-and-shoot” camera that even a pro can love. (For the most…

Heated Boots Fail To Impress

Columbia’s heated boots, powered by lithium-polymer batteries, are touted to provide the “warmth of a furnace.” Our test found this to be far from the…

In-Goggle Camera

The to-be-released Summit Series Snow Camera Goggle embeds a small camera above a goggle lens to enable a skiers’-eye-view for captured images and video.

Clik Elite Photo Pack

TC Worley, a photojournalist for New York Times and other publications, reviews the Clik Elite Medium Nature, a “performance pack for adventure photographers.”

In-Goggle Display

Project a tiny trail map and on-slope metrics inside your goggle lens. That’s the promise with Recon Instruments’ to-be-released ski/snowboard goggle.

Sony Camera Phone

A phone with an 8.1-megapixel camera inside. Meet the Sony Ericsson c905, a phone that allows for “quick and easy” access for uploading high-res shots…

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