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Watch: The Mind of an Ultrarunner

Robbie Britton, an endurance athlete from London, wants to be one of the world's best ultramarathon runners. This beautifully shot video captures what goes through his mind. Read More...

May 19, 2018
how to break into ultramarathons

Up the Distance: How to Break Into Ultramarathons

From learning how to trail run to standing at the start line of your first ultramarathon, this guide is your first step in a potentially life-changing experience. With the proper training, footwear, and nutrition, just about anybody can partake in ultrarunning and surprise themselves. Read More...

May 4, 2018
The Snowman Trek

‘Toughest Trek’ FKT to Become Hollywood Film

Two years ago a team of elite runners ran a trail many consider among the toughest in the world in a record time. With 11 mountain passes, most above 16,000 ft., this trail is a crusher. Now, their story is coming to the big screen. Read More...

April 27, 2018
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