Braap Braap! Watch a Rare 2-Stroke Motocross Race in Australia

Get ready for old-school two-stroke psych and Aussie banter in this monstrous motocross race footie.

Here in the age of the four-stroke, you’re a dinosaur if you’re still slinging a two-stroke bike around the dirt.

At the same time, there’s nothing a whole lot better than a solid two-stroke race. Low torque at low rpms means you better keep the throttle cranked if you want to come out on top.

This high-flying Australian race packs in all the action you’d want from old-school motocross. Watch the dirt fly, hear the bikes scream, and cringe as the riders crater in the Moto Toy edit. I swear I can smell the oil burning through my computer screen.

Runtime: 14.5 minutes

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