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Scott Jurek Interview: Gear For A.T. Speed Record

Fuel On The Go – Clif Organic Energy Food

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Jurek worked with Clif on the development of Organic Energy Food, so it’s no surprise he liked its taste. His 46 days on the trail are likely the longest test of the savory energy “gel” to date.

“It worked really well,” Jurek said. “A lot of times I didn’t eat a breakfast. I would take a couple of those [energy packs], and as I was leaving for the trail it was kind of my morning smoothie in a way.”

Jurek said he regularly ate the paste with a Clif bar for a breakfast on the go until he’d completed about 15 miles.LOU_0041 AT Day 7

“The portability as well as flavors made it much more convenient for times when I was on the trail. It was my way of getting a mini breakfast. Surprisingly, I didn’t get sick of them.”

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