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Sweeping Canadian Law Bans Many Folding Knives

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A Better Bike Tube? Tubolito Tubo Put To Test

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Custom ‘Mad Max’ Bike Built by Winter Warrior

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No More Guesswork: Garmin Xero Range-Finding Bow Sight

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Molly Huddle Sets New U.S. Half Marathon Record

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Facebook is Making a Big Change to Your News Feed

Want to keep seeing our news and gear reviews in your Facebook feed? Follow these two simple steps.

January 15th, 2018
Monday Bargains

Monday Bargains: Three Steals to Start Your Week

Looking for great outdoor gear at an amazing price? Check out these discounts and sales from Marmot and Therm-a-Rest.

January 15th, 2018
black diamond helio gloves

Dyneema & Goat Skin: Black Diamond Helio Gloves Reviewed

Ounce-conscious, multi-condition, and blizzard-proof: Black Diamond’s three-in-one Helio glove system aims to tackle the worst weather and adjust to the not-so-bad.

January 15th, 2018 | 46 Shares

The ‘Fastest SUV’ in the World is Built for Falcons

The 600 HP Bently Bentayga runs 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, has a top speed of 187 MPH, and even has a seat for your bird of prey.

January 15th, 2018 | 54 Shares
gearjunkie week in review January 13

GJ Week In Review: Yosemite Starbucks, Columbia OR, YETI Camp Chair

A recap of top stories for the week of Jan. 7–13, 2018.

January 13th, 2018

Unshakable Rangefinding: Meet The Nikon Monarch 3000 Stabilized

The Monarch 3000 adds image stabilization technology found in camera lenses and binoculars to range finders. The resulting product will likely raise the bar in this niche.

January 12th, 2018 | 18 Shares

Never Charge Again: Matrix Smart Watch Powered By Body Heat

Tired of your smartwatch dying? This one doesn’t need to be charged. Ever.

January 12th, 2018 | 71 Shares
Strava New Years Resolutions

Today is the Day You Give Up, According to Strava

The fitness tracking app analyzed 31.5 million global activities to find when people are most likely to lose motivation after New Year’s. Today, January 12, is the day when people waver in fitness regimes, according to Strava. But it also offers tips to stay resolved.

January 12th, 2018 | 225 Shares


Thrifty Climbing: Black Diamond Solution Harness Delivers on the Rock

Slender, lightweight, and super inexpensive: Black Diamond’s Solution harness offers a whole lot of bang for not a lot of buck.

Pitch a Pyramid: Hyperlite Ultamid 2 Tent Review

Minimalism meets all-mountain functionality in the next great line of multi-sport tents. We reviewed the ultralight Ultamid 2 tent in Mexico, Colorado, and the Sierras. Made from Dyneema fabric, this is one tough, expensive tent.

Chop, Split, Carve: T.M. Hunt M18 is Beast Mode Knife

Meet the TM Hunt M18, the biggest, baddest, most capable chopper I have ever used.

Organizational Bliss: Mountain Hardwear ‘MultiPitch’ Climbing Pack

Climbing is a gear intensive sport. The Mountain Hardwear Station 40 has built-in panels, clip points, and daisy chains to keep it all organized at the crag.

First Look: Under Armour’s 2018 HOVR Running Shoes

Under Armour this week took the curtains off a running shoe project in the works for more than two years. Meet HOVR.

No Ice Needed: Put A Refrigerator In Your Car

The Dometic CFX35W adds WiFi and a mobile app interface to an already popular line of 12-volt fridges.

Heavy Duty, Ultra-Breathable: Tactical Kilt Review

Long before fitness trackers, energy gels, and three-layer waterproof membranes, people ventured into the outdoors to become tough, not have fun. And they wore kilts.

Corrugated Crash Pad Review: New Tech for Better Landing

After two months of testing, we found the Send Climbing 3×4 Pro Crash Pad safe and easy to carry.

Beginner Blade? The Buck Selkirk Makes the Cut

Lots of utility, an reasonable price, and just the right amount of imperfections make the Selkirk an ideal novice knife.

Rubber vs. Leather: Head-to-Head Brooks Saddle Review

With more than 5,000 miles of cross-country biking as the testing ground, I set it out determine which Brooks bike saddle is friendlier on the fanny.

GNARBOX Editor Lets You Leave Laptop at Home

More than just a fancy hard drive, GNARBOX packs sophisticated hardware and editing software system in a rugged, portable, wireless device that lets you edit photos and video anywhere.

Do-All Hardtail: 2018 Marin Pine Mountain 2 Review

Leveraging three decades of bike making, the 2018 Marin Pine Mountain 2 lives up to its own legend.

First Look: REI’s ‘Iconic’ Half Dome Tents Get 2018 Facelift

REI will roll out a new line of its flagship tents in 2018. We spent a few nights in Great Smoky Mountains National Park camped inside the updated Half Dome 2 Plus to see what’s new.

First Look: Merrell’s Nimble, Next-Gen ‘Chameleon’ Boot

Out of the box, our reporter trekked 18 mountainous miles with the just-released Merrell boot.

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If the mountains aren’t getting snow, might as well make the most of it and climb on. - What about you, what adventures are you finding this winter? - And big thanks to @tradprincess for the climbing 💪🏼 and @ladylockoff for the awesome photo 📸.

Getting outside gives perspective. It’s a reminder of how small we really are in the big scheme of things. - What’s one of your favorite reasons to get outside? - Big thanks to @tylerh191 for the great picture and adventure inspiration.

Editor @seanmccoy18 testing the newest gear with @columbia1938 and getting a sneak peek at what’s coming in 2018. - It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it 😜. - Check the video In our Story for more.


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