Boil Water in 100 Seconds: Jetboil Flash Review

The Jetboil Flash, the brand’s update to the ever-popular backpacking stove boils water quick. Here, we review the updated Flash, with design improvements in 2018.

Our Favorite Camp Cookware On Sale Now

If you’re looking to outfit your backpacking kitchen for summer hikes, several top products are on sale through Memorial Day. Grab a deal, hit the…

MSR WindBurner Review: Fuel-Sipping Stove

The WindBurner Combo is the latest stove system in the growing MSR lineup. Over the last few months, our editor used it to cook all…

Camp Gourmet? Meet the ‘Skottle’

Essentially a wok with a gas burner supported by a tripod, the ‘Skottle’ could be your next favorite camp stove.

How To: Choose A Cooler For The Outdoors

Choose the best cooler for the job with our buyer’s guide, a break-down of cooler size, type, and quality for the outdoors.

Log + Drill = Rocket Stove!

This looks like a fun DIY experiment for your next camping trip. All you need is a drill, 1″ bit and length of firewood.

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