Pump, Pump, Pump Your Canoe?

Apparently, you can pump a canoe the same way you’d pump a bike or skateboard. But you won’t be moving “gently down the stream.”

High-Speed Foil: Future Of SUP?

Watch Kai Lenny race downwind while lifted above the waves on a foil-equipped stand-up paddle board.

Stand-Up Paddling With Whales

Whales come in for a closer look at a SUPer in this video shot by a paraplegic videographer.

A New Kind Of ‘Fish Net Bikini’

Looking for athletic wear that’s made with a greater purpose? Textile creator Carvico and Healthy Seas recycles abandoned and lost fish nets into fashionable apparel.

‘Surf Skier’ Drops Into Jaws

The 40-foot wave is a test piece for the world’s best surfers. Watch as Chuck Patterson gets towed in on a pair of waterskis.

Mavericks: A Huge Break Goes Off Last Week

The wave known as Mavericks is a destination for some of the world’s best big wave surfers, and watching this video, you can understand why.

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